Dalet-Venot Law Firm aids and advises employers and employees in litigation arising within the employment relationship.


Our firm represents one of the two parties during out-of-court negotiations or judicial proceedings; we also offer legal support to employers and employees throughout the various phases of the employment relationship, such as conclusion of an employment contract, retirement, dismissal, and resignation or termination by mutual agreement.




By way of example, our recent and current cases include:


•Consulting and negotiation for the resignation of an executive charged with psychological harassment by his employer,

• Consulting and negotiation for the resignation of a "sidelined" executive,

•Initiation of proceedings in Labor court and referral to the HALDE (French High Authority to Combat Discrimination and Promote Equality), for an employee experiencing discrimination related to a handicap,

•Defense before the labor courts, on behalf of an employer, relating to employees' exercise their rights to withdraw labor and to strike,

•Consulting and defense before the labor courts of an employer who had terminated its chief commercial officer for misconduct,

•Council and defense before the labor courts of an employer after one of its employees had wrongfully terminated his employment contract,

•Drafting of transactional protocols and work contracts.