Dalet-Venot Law Firm advises and assists companies on all aspects of their activities relating to commercial law and liability whether initiated by them or brought against them.


The firm practices before commercial courts (on behalf of commercial trading companies) and civil courts (for partnerships), as claimants or defendants, when litigation arises relating to the breakdown of negotiations, contractual breaches or disputes between partners.


The firm also negotiates and establishes transactional protocols in these contexts.


With both French and foreign clients, Dalet-Venot Law Firm often initiates and pursues exequatur procedures of foreign judgments (also known as "recognition procedures" or "enforcement orders"). We are also experienced in obtaining the recognition of international arbitration awards.



By way of illustration, some of our recent and/or ongoing lawsuits are listed below:


• Proceedings to order an African country to indemnify an Australian company,

• Contractual liability proceedings between a software publisher and its distributor,

• Exequatur proceedings for an American judgment and a Turkish judgment,

• Contractual liability proceedings between a company that creates websites and its client,

• An action for removing a partner from a partnership on justified grounds,

• Proceedings for revocation of a gift in the context of a lawsuit between partners/associates in a partnership,

• Proceedings for auction and distribution before the civil courts,

• Proceedings to prosecute a “Paulien fraud” before the civil courts,

• Fraudulent simulation proceedings against partnerships and trading companies.