The indispensable corollary for a law firm specializing in judicial litigation: enforcement procedures



Dalet-Venot Law Firm has developed the skills to recover all outstanding unpaid debts, whether they result from a French or foreign enforceable title, or from an international arbitration award.


Skills and expertise in enforcement procedures:


Forensic techniques and judicial procedures for identifying and localizing movable or immovable assets held by debtors,


All types of attachment and seizure for the purposes of freezing and recovering assets:

-debt collection,

-attachment of tangible assets,

-sequestration of partnership rights and transferable securities,

-seizure of aircraft,


mortgage registrations,


All necessary judicial procedures for the release of seized funds or the judicial sale of foreclosed property.


Fighting bankruptcy fraud and shell companies, including/for instance by initiating civil procedures specific to these types of cases (Paulien action, fraudulent simulation, auction and division proceedings).


The firm's skills and expertise developed through such experience apply to all types of debtors, whether businesses or individuals, French or foreign including foreign states for which sovereign or state immunities may present obstacles to debt collection (on this subject, see a recent publication by Stéphanie Dalet-Venot in Cahiers de Droit de l’Entreprise n°3 Mai-Juin 2016, Table Ronde « Les objectifs du projet de loi Sapin II »