Our firm has a solid record and extensive experience in media and communications law.


Regarding violations of media law (libel and defamation, insults, etc) in all communication media - print and broadcast media, as well as the internet (blogs, forums, websites, social networks) - the firm's skills cover the following areas:


• Analysis and characterization of content with respect to the French Freedom of the Press Law of 29 July 1881,

• Judicial procedures on behalf of claimants (summons before the civil courts; filing a lawsuit as a private party with proceedings in the criminal courts) and in defense,

Notices to website publishers and/or hosts to take down illegal or unapproved content,

• Judicial procedures to identify the author of illegal or unapproved content on the internet,

• Exercise of the right of reply on all media.


Invasions of privacy and violations of the right of personal portrayal, particularly on the internet

• Consulting and analysis of content detrimental to the right of personal portrayal,

• Judicial proceedings in the civil courts.


The firm is also familiar with procedures in the Constitutional Council surrounding key issues of constitutionality.


More generally, the firm advises businesses, local authorities and elected officials, as well as private individuals implicated in various information and communication issues.


Dalet-Venot Law Firm has also assisted and advised for several years, a television channel and a major online professional social network.


The firm maintains a blog entitled E-reputation and the Law, dedicated to this important area of our work http://www.legavox.fr/blog/e-reputation-et-droit/ and often publishes articles on the websites Village de la Justice and Le Monde du Droit.